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The Camelot Technologies Group International Inc.

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The Camelot Technologies Group International, Inc. (CTG) is a longstanding and trusted global provider of new, used and refurbished heavy electrical power generation equipment. CTG's core business provides value added power equipment solutions, including engineering, financing, project management and technical support services to domestic and international electrical utility companies, power developers, private industry and contractors. Learn more about our services, equipment and parent company, CTG Power Systems International Inc. at Thank you for visiting our website and please do not hesitate to call us at +1 (334) 539-1700 or Email us at: with any questions or inquiries you may have.

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About CTG’S Appraisal and Valuation Services

The Camelot Technologies Group, Inc. (CTG) is an experienced and full service energy valuation and appraisal firm specializing in the comprehensive assessment of power generation equipment values. CTG is the preeminent authority in the valuation of secondary market surplus power generation new, used and refurbished equipment. Our range of services includes: field appraisals, desktop opinions, collateral evaluations, and inspections related to transfers of ownership, re-siting of the assets, finance & leasing, insurance, liquidation & arbitration, ad valorem (property tax).

CTG also provides specialized consulting services tailored for the banking, finance, corporate controllers, and leasing industries including: residual matrices, industry studies, maintenance & return provisions, and end of lease negotiations.

Whatever your need concerning appraisal and valuation, CTG will consult with you to provide the most professional and cost effective method to evaluate the real or fair market value of your idle, underperforming or decommissioned power generation assets. Our services are available to our clients domestically as well as internationally.

CTG’s equipment experience is dedicated solely to power generation assets typically found in power generation facilities and the oil and gas markets.

Fees: CTG’s fee structure is open, very competitive and totally dependent upon the size and scope of each assignment. Before initiating any assignment a complete disclosure of the total fee plus any relevant travel expenses will be made and agreed upon by both parties. A full proposal outlining the services to be performed and the appropriate time-frame for rendering the final report will be made known to the client.

The Appraisal Process: Before proceeding with any appraisal, we interview each client to determine exactly what his or her expectations and scheduling requirements are. We will confirm our full understanding of the assignment in writing. Nothing is left to chance. Lastly, we keep the client well informed during the appraisal process, from start to finish.


CTG's Valuation and Appraisal Services offer a wide range of options for the client including:

Field Appraisals - a determination of value based upon a physical inspection of the equipment assets in order to determine operating condition, followed by extensive research to determine the current value.

Desktop Opinions - a hypothetical determination of value based solely upon information provided by the client and conducted without benefit of a physical inspection.

Collateral Evaluations - a study to determine the long term value potential of a specific unit of power equipment. The evaluation is usually performed to estimate the residual value for equipment leasing purposes.

Equipment Inspections - an on site physical examination of designated equipment in order to confirm its specific make, model, serial number, hours and its overall operating condition and maintenance history. Value determination is not part of this process.

General Appraisals - the appraisal of surplus power generation equipment manufactured or acquired for use in now cancelled projects, with eventual resale applicability to other customers. This process requires an on site inspection of the application of the assets to new projects, evaluation of operational history, review of technical specifications and condition assessment, followed by extensive comparative research to determine the current value.

Industry Studies - a thorough examination of a particular manufacturer or product and its relation to the industry it serves. The study can include the history of the manufacturer, its current financial condition and ranking to its competition, a review of its product line or specific product, the product's market rank and a projection of value retention.    

Specialized Valuation Consulting Services

Residual Matrix - an analysis of specified equipment segments such as: machine tools, computers or trucks and trailers. The analysis predicts the long-term value of the equipment usually over 1-5 years and incorporates:

Fair Market Value

Orderly Liquidation Value

Forced Liquidation Value

Maintenance & Return Provisions - stipulated requirements that outline in detail the responsibilities of the Lessee in the event the Lessee elects to return the equipment at lease termination. These provisions usually address use and ownership, maintenance & repair, inspection, deinstallation, storage and insurance. In the event the Lessee elects to purchase the equipment then important issues become relevant, such as: the advance notice period, the most suitable definition of Fair Market Value (“FMV”) and a fair and equitable appraisal process to settle any value dispute.

End of Lease Negotiations - the appraisal process to determine the Fair Market Value of certain equipment as stipulated within the lease documents.

With our 15 years of intimate industry specific experience in the electrical power generation industry, we are capable of providing a fair and equitable valuation for both Lessee and Lessor or Buyer and Seller for most any type power generation equipment.

PLEASE CALL CTG at (334) 539-1700 for more information or email us at:    


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The Camelot Technologies Group International Inc.

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