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Transjava Marine

Contact Name :Mareetha
Company Name :Transjava Marine
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Trajamar provide Ship Repairing & Maintenance services at Indonesia Port/s, Our scope of activity include :

VHF Radio, AIS, SSAS, GPS, Radar, Gyro Compass & Steering System, ECDIS, Speedlog, SART, Autopilot, Navtex Receiver, GMDSS, EPIRB, VDS/S-VDR, etc

•     Engine Maneuvering System
•     Integrated Alarm & Monitoring system.
•     Bilge Alarm system
•     Tank level Alarm& gauging system
•     Engine Oil mist detection system
•     Oil mist detection system
•     Oil water separator
•     Oil discharge Monitoring System
•     Boiler Automation
•     Solenoid Valve, Control Valve, Actuators
•     Cargo Tank Level, Temp & Press Monitoring System
•     Cargo Pump Bearing Temp Monitoring System
•     Cargo Valves Control System
•     Ballast Valves Control System
•     Ballast Water Treatment Plant
•     Bow thruster control
•     Stern Thruster Control
•     Hydraulic Control

•    Pressure Gauge Calibration
•    Temperature Based Calibration
•    Fixed & Portable Gas Detectors ( O2, H2S, CO, HC, Alco Meters )

UTI Maintenance Services include as follows :
•    MMC Ullage Temperature Interface
•    Engraf Tanksystem Ullage Temperature Interface
•    Tanktech Ullage Temperature Interface

•    Portable/non-portable extinguishers.
•    Fixed CO2/Foam/Dry Powder/Halon Fire Fighting System.
•    Local Water Mist/Water Spray/Inert Gas System Fire Fighting System.
•    SCBA/ EEBD & Fire fighting man outfit.
•    Smoke and Fire detection system
•    Portable and fixed gas detection
•    Breathing air compressors
•    Protective clothing
•    Foam analysis


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Country : Indonesia
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Web :
Phone : 62   81231554457
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Address :Surabaya 60132, Jawa Timur
Transjava Marine

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