Union Dredgers and Marine Contracting LLC

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Union Dredgers and Marine Contracting LLC

Contact Name :Waseem Aadil
Company Name :Union Dredgers and Marine Contracting LLC
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Union Dredgers and Marine Contracting (UDMC) is a member of the Union Group of Companies, a group of local companies active in the UAE market since 2001. Established in 2007 UDMC is focused on becoming a specialist service provider focused on marine activities.  With our head office in Dubai and a 6,800sqm facility in Ras Al Khaimah we are well placed to carry out services in the entire UAE and abroad. Since inception UDMC has carried out a number of large projects successfully for government, public and large private companies earning it a reputation as a quality service provider. By drawing on our ever increasing fleet of plant and equipment and skilled workforce UDMC has been able to achieve significant growth and maturity over a short period of time. UDMC is committed to product innovation, engineering excellence, total quality management and customer satisfaction. We strive to understand the need of our clients and are determined to meet our client’s requirements using our complete line of standard and custom design solutions.

Our Vision

Our vision is to become the leading marine contractor in the UAE and extend our capabilities across the entire Middle East region. The company plans to build on its experience in the marine industry and channel its further growth in a focused manner to offer enhanced value added services to its existing and potential customers.  

Our Team

Union Dredgers consists of management and engineers with vast experience in the marine industry which enables us to carry out turnkey projects in an efficient manner utilizing our experienced work force, specialized technology and project management processes. UDMC currently employs a full time work force of approximately 60 skilled and experienced staff. In addition to this, temporary staff are added on a project basis under the leadership of our team members.

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Country : United Arab Emirates
E-Mail : waseem@justselldubai.com
Web : www.uniondredgers.com
Phone : 971   4232653
Fax :971   4232659
Address :UNION DREDGERS & MARINE CONTRACTING. 403 - HC4 - Business Tower Business Bay P.O BOX 85348, Dubai UAE TEL : +971 4 4232653 FAX : +971 4 4232659 info@uniondredgers.com www.uniondredgers.com


mobile number : 971563247699

Union Dredgers and Marine Contracting LLC

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