Subject: Desalination plant MED-3600

Date: 6/5/2023 6:58:15 PM

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Unit type: horizontal tubes, falling film, multi-effect desalination unit (with steam recirculation).

Number of effects: 9 heat recovery (Evaporator)
1 heat rejection (Condenser)” Number of effects “1 heat rejection (Condenser).

Nominal capacity and quality 
Distillate3600 tn/day at 11.5 kg/cm2 at battery limit
Distillate qualityLess than 10 ppm TDS (Total Dissolved Solids)
CondensateUp to 435 tn/day at 5.5 km/cm2 at coil limit
Condensate qualityLess than 10 ppm TDS (Total Dissolved Solids)
Overall capacityUp to 4035 tn/day distillate + condensate
Suministro de agua de mar 
Design temperature21 ?C
Minimum pressure at unit inlet2 barg
Salinity4 %
Capacity (in tn/hr) at 21 ?C 
For feed333.3
For cooling397
For non-condensable gas system CNG62.0
Power demand 
For all motors380 V, 3-phase, 50 Hz
Installed power for the process386 kW per process unit + 386 kW standby
Nominal power258 kW or 1.5 kWh/tn total capacity
Feed treatment 
TypeID 204 or equivalent polyelectrolyte additive, scale inhibitor
Feed dosing3 ppm of the feed flow 1.0 kg/hr
Intermediate feed dosage B2 ppm of feed flow 0.67 kg/hr
Total consumption1.67 kg/hr
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