Subject: For Sale , 2 x Cummins KTA50GS8 , Stamford 1675 Kva

Date: 8/30/2022 11:37:24 AM

Details: Reviews 3

We have in stock now 2 X Cummins KTA 50 GS8 , Stamford  C1675 Kva , Super silent 70 dB 40 Ft CSC certified , each machine also has built in 1000 KW Cressall 6 step load bank . They have Sychro to 3350 Kva , They have dual frequency option , they have dual fuel option of running on diesel or glycerine for zero emissions . They where built for World Formula E race series 2015 to 2019 , Running hours are very low 761 & 695 only. Inspection welcome , pictures and videos on request . 

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Contact Name:Graeme Simpson
Company Name:West Park Ind Investments Ltd
Mobile Phone:00447836531977
Country:United Kingdom

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Graeme Simpson
9/20/2022 9:23:39 AM United Kingdom


Good morning, I cannot see an email address or telephone / WhatsApp number for you to send information . 
Both machines are CSC certified  for shipping on container vessel and I will check with our forwarder for Equador .

Rgds , Graeme Simpson , 00447836531977 WhatsApp 



Liliana Cambas
9/16/2022 6:17:35 PM Colombia

Please send us complete info as well as prices and estimase shopping, to Ecuador. If you have some other equipment also in Container and los Hours or new please send information as well.


Many thanks



Graeme Simpson
8/31/2022 6:53:18 PM United Kingdom

Test KTA50 Ind power


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