Subject: For Sale: 2008 Tadano GR-800XL Rough Terrain Crane

Date: 3/18/2021 3:03:42 AM

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2008 Tadano GR-800XL, 80 Ton, Rough Terrain Crane; CranesList ID: 533,

  • 144' Five Section full power partially synchronized telescoping boom of round box construction with auxiliary lifting sheave,
  • 33' - 58' Two stage bi-fold lattice type with 3.5, 25 or 45 degree offset (Tilt Type) Jib - Assistant cylinders for mounting and stowing, controlled at right side of superstructure,
  • Main and Auxiliary Winches with 3/4" wire rope,
  • Two Speed,
  • Drum Rotation Indicator- (audible and visible type) main and auxiliary hoist,
    Tadano electronic Load Moment Indicator system (AML-C) including:
  • Control lever lockout function,
    Boom position indicator,
    Outrigger state indicator,
    Boom angle / boom length / jib offset angle / jib length / load radius / rated lifting capacities / actual loads read out
    Ratio of actual load moment to rated load moment indication, 
  • Anti-Two Block (overwind cutout),
  • Hook Ball and Block,
  • Tadano twin slewing system and 360 degree positive slewing lock,
  • Outrigger controls and sight level in the operator's cab,
  • Self-removable counterweight,
  • Tadano 4 X 4 X 4 drive and steer Carrier,
  • Mitsubishi Tier 3 Diesel Engine,
  • Electronically controlled full automatic transmission. Torque converter driving full powershift with driving axle selector. 6 forward and 2 reverse speeds, constant mesh. 3 speeds - high range - 2 wheel drive; 4 wheel drive - 3 speeds - low range - 4 wheel drive,
  • Air Conditioner and Heater, 
  • Tilt-telescoping steering wheel
  • Front and Rear Tires: 29.5 x 25, 
  • Four hydraulic, beam and jack outriggers. Vertical jack cylinders equipped with integral holding valve. Each outrigger beam and jack is controlled independently from cab. Beams extend to 23' 11-3/8"  center-line and retract to within 10' 10-1/2" overall width with floats,
  • Towing hooks-Front and rear,
  • Current Certification,




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