Subject: For Sale: 2021 Tadano Mantis GTC 2000 Crawler Telescopic Boom Crane

Date: 3/18/2021 3:12:48 AM

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Pick-and-carry capacity through 360°.
Lifting capacities up to 4° roll/list angle
Lifting capacity is calculated automatically for any ground inclination; fixed load charts for 0.3°; 1°; 2°; 3°; 4°
Boom extension/Jib: 16.4 ft / 36.1 ft / 55.8 ft / 75.5 ft
Double hook operation with rooster sheave or jib
The IC-1 Plus crane control system makes it possible to carry out lifts with asymmetrical track widths
Powerful, robust and versatile undercarriage with smart and comprehensive access concept
Fully self-rigging operation
Remote control for all rigging and operating functions
Best in class traction force (326,000 lbf)
Removable extension beams for reduced base crane weight (main load)
Car body geometry suits to any trailer (low bed, goose neck, double beams, etc)
Lift points and Tie down points
16.4ft Jib can be folded to side of main boom for transport

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Contact Name:Jack Swan / Jeff Swan / Ben Herman
Company Name:Exact Crane & Equipment Corp.
Mobile Phone:440-349-1999
Phone: 440-349-1999
Country:United States

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