Subject: For Sale: Daihatsu 6DK20 Complete Engine

Date: 8/22/2023 4:03:29 PM

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We have in stock 2008 year of build 960 kw 900 rpm Daihatsu 6DK20 Genset available


If anybody interested please dont hesitate to contact with us.


Best Regards


Mobile: +90 532 698 66 21


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What is Daihatsu 6DK20 Genset ?

The Daihatsu 6DK20 is one of the engine models produced by Daihatsu Diesel, a Japanese company known for manufacturing marine engines and diesel generators. Daihatsu Diesel is recognized for its high-quality and reliable products used in various marine and stationary applications.

The "6DK20" nomenclature typically means:

  • "6": It's a 6-cylinder engine.
  • "DK": This might be indicative of the specific series or design of the engine.
  • "20": This might refer to some specific characteristic of the engine, such as its bore or another internal measure.

Gensets (or generator sets) are a combination of an engine and an alternator used to produce electrical power. In the case of the Daihatsu 6DK20 Genset, the engine would be driving an alternator to produce electricity.

For specific technical details, performance specifications, or any updates post-2021 about the Daihatsu 6DK20 genset, it would be best to refer to official product literature from Daihatsu Diesel or contact the company directly or its authorized distributors.


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