Subject: Gas turbine

Date: 6/9/2023 10:38:43 AM

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Gas turbine General electric PG 6541/B

  • Manufacturer: General electric
  • Model: PG 6541/B
  • Fuel types: liquid and gas
  • Base Load ISO Condition: 45.83 MW
  • Peak Load ISO Condition: 49.79 MW
  • Levels: 5163 rpm
  • Generator and exciter moment of inertia: 5.600 kgm2
  • Year of manufacture: Enero 1992
  • Year of shutdown: 2014


Manual starts: 527

Total starts: 674

Quick starts: 7

Ignition starts: 490

  • Emergency trips: 223
  • High exhaust temperature trips: 23



  • Total hours of flame operation: 154.029
  • Peak position operation: 8,3
  • Gas fuel operation: 137.689
  • Distillate fuel operation: 99.995
  • Equivalent starts: 2.720
  • Equivalent hours: 184.830
  • Last inspection: 9 January 2013


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