Subject: Guascor SFGLD480 Engines For Sale

Date: 3/13/2023 11:59:46 AM

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Guascor SFGLD 480 Engines For Sale X 8

  • ENGINE TYPE Turbocharged and aftercooled
  • FUEL Natural Gas 
  • SPEED 1500 rpm (50Hz) 
  • WATER COOLING Two circuits (90/55ºC) by radiator
  • Engine Model - SFGLD 480
  • Brake Power kWb - 838
  • Water Pumps & Radiator KWb - 34
  • Electrical Power kWe - 779
  • Mechanical Efficiency % - 41.1
  • Electrical Efficiency % - 38.2
  • Length - 4,396m
  • Height - 2,557m
  • Width - 1,690m
  • Weight - 8,425kg 


For the full specifications please email me to

The selling price for all 8 engines is 400,000.00 Euros delivered to any port internationally. 

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What is Guascor SFGLD 480 Engines ?

The Guascor SFGLD 480 engine is a 12-cylinder natural gas engine that is designed for power generation applications. It is a turbocharged and aftercooled engine that operates at a speed of 1500 RPM (50Hz) and uses a two-circuit water cooling system with a radiator.

The engine is capable of producing a maximum brake power output of 838 kWb, with an additional 34 kWb generated by the water pumps and radiator. It also produces 779 kWe of electrical power, with a mechanical efficiency of 41.1% and an electrical efficiency of 38.2%.

In terms of its physical dimensions, the Guascor SFGLD 480 engine has a length of 4,396 meters, a height of 2,557 meters, and a width of 1,690 meters. It has a weight of 8,425 kilograms.

Overall, the Guascor SFGLD 480 engine is a high-performance and efficient natural gas engine that is suitable for power generation applications in a variety of industries. Its advanced design and reliable operation make it a popular choice for customers looking for a reliable and cost-effective power generation solution.

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