Subject: List of Power Plant for sale on March, 2022 by Sinsin Trading

Date: 3/24/2022 4:38:13 AM

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List of Power Plants for the sale
Issued MAR, 2022

We are now selling Used and Brand New Power Plant as below.

1. 3,161kW Used Gas-engine 1 set of CAT G3616 3161kw 900rpm 60hz 3300V 1996 year 2191hrs

2. 2MW Brand New Steam turbine 1 set of SNM(Japan made) 1999kw 60hz/50hz 6600v 2018 year 0hrs Frequency 50hz(It can be consider using 50hz by reducing the speed of 1500min-1.)

3. 7.2MW Used engine generator 2 sets of SSANGYONG(STX) MAN B&W 3600kw 720rpm 60hz 1999 Used hours under 2,000hrs~3000hrs

4. 5.76MW Used Gas-engine 2 sets of NIIGATA 18V22AG 2880KW 900rpm 60hz 3450V 2005 year

5. 6MW Used engine generator 4 sets of DAIHATSU 6DK28 1,500kw 720rpm 60hz DO 2001 year

6. 3,2MW Used 2 sets of Diesel engine CAT 3516C 1600kw 50hz 400V 2012 year 2,420hs

7. 5.57MW Used 1 set of Gas-turbine KAWASAKI TC60A 5570kw 60hz 3300V 2002 year

8. 81MW Used 1 set of Gas-turbine GE PG6111 81000kw 50hz 11000v 2011 year Used hours-Only tested at site

9. 23.36MW Brand new HFO engine 3 sets of STX NIIGATA 16V34HLX 7789KW 600rpm 50hz 11000V 2014year

10. 36.45MW Used engine generator 5 sets of WARTSILA W18V32 7290kw 720rpm 13800V 2001year(Dismantled and stocked at a warehouse)

11.  46MW Brand new Marine type of HFO engine generator 6 sets of CATERPILLAR 16CM32C 7680kw 720rpm 60hz MDO/HFO 11000V 2013 year ( Engine + generator + base with some part of Auxiliaries, dismantled and stocked at a shipyard)

12. 17.2MW Brand new gas-engine generator 2 sets of HIMSEN 17H34/50GV 750rpm 50hz 11,500V (Engine + generator + base only)

13. 54.53MW Used 7sets of Niigata STX 16V34HLX 7,780KW(9,737KVA) 600rpm 50hz 11000V HFO 2012 year(for the investment or the sale)

14.  24MW Used 4 sets of Gas-engine NIIGATA 18V28AGS 6000KW 750rpm 50hz 11000V Natural Gas 2014 year (for the investment or the sale)

15.  38.34MW Used Gas-turbine ALSTHOM PG6541(Frame-6B) 50hz 11000V Natural Gas 1989 retrofitted on 2017 (for the investment or the sale)

16.  45MW Used HFO engine generator 8 sets( 1 set in trouble) of MITSUBISHI 5650kw 750rpm 50hz 11000v 1998 year

17.  9MW Brand new HFO engine 1 set of MAN 18V32/40 9000KW50/60hz 2013

18.  Brand New engine HFO/DO from 1400kw-8000kw/per unit made in Korea

Other details are subject to the customer's request.

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Arash Noghani
8/19/2022 7:59:31 PM Australia


I am looking for a set of used 8-12MW Gas-Engine or Gas-Turbine Power Plant for a mine project.

Would you please send me the spec and information of any available plants you can offer for this application?

Kind Regards,

A&M Greenland Pty. Ltd
ABN: 13 611 516 619

Unit 2/95 Norma Road
Myaree, WA 6154


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