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Date: 11/15/2022 10:07:46 AM

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We are dealing with Genuine Spare-parts for Mitsubishi Marine Engines. We have many clients worldwide as we provide great discounts on Mitsubishi spare parts. We are often able to deliver quickly with our large stock. 

We are professionals in our industry and have delivered millions of genuine spare parts all over the world.

Engine spare parts we deliver to models like S6R, S12R, S16R, S6A3, S6U, and many others. (Including older models) See some of the Mitsubishi engines we provide spare parts here:

West Diesel is located in Denmark, and we have numerous clients around the world from the marine business, including multiple large shipping companies as well as clients within offshore oil and gas, the wind turbine business, and the regular industry. We will provide you with high-quality service as we always prioritize the customer’s needs.

West Diesel is at your disposal if you have any inquiries regarding Genuine Spare-Parts for Mitsubishi Marine High-Speed Engines.


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Joseph Coombs
9/28/2023 10:32:15 PM Barbados

I am looking for spare parts for a 6sr2 marine engine S6R2-MPTK2 1R8E60

12/8/2022 10:24:35 AM Denmark

Dear Shudhir Ranjan¨,

Thank you for your message. Feel free to send us your inquiries to my mail:
We will do our best to accommodate your needs, and we are always ready to assist you.

Looking forward to hearing from you.

Kind regards,


Shudhir Ranjan
11/21/2022 12:08:01 AM Bangladesh

Dear sir, I need more spare parts of Mitsubishi marine engine.


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