Subject: NB 77M 8000KW DP2 PSV FOR RESALE

Date: 13.08.2012 06:39:22

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ATT: S&P Dept.
Dear Sir
We can secure NB 77M 8000KW DP2 PSV for resale
from direct seller in China.
Built in experienced shipyard 
Class CCS
Delviery Soon
Price Cheap level

 8000k sea Oil Platform Supply Ship



       Main Specification.

This 8000kw offshore platform supply vessel will serve for the supplying of oil,drinking water,cement powder,
drillingwater,deck freightage, platform guardian,pulling,set sail,fire fighting, salvation,dynamic positioning,etc.

Classification Society: CCS

Nationality: China

Navigiation area: un-restrict service

Ship Type: multipurpose offshore platform.


A. General introduction about the fuction of multipurpose.


1) External CCS fire-fighting Class I

    Two Fire monitor with the 1200M3 displacement, automatic control system operationed by bridge.

    300M3 displacement foam nozzle, automatic control system operationed by bridge.

2) 600M3 displacement external fire figting self-safeguard water curtain, operationed by bridge.

3) external survival device(rescue boat for 6 person, 21 grade navigation speed)

4)250T towing machine , 500T shark jaw and shelve pin, towing fuction control systerm to be on bridge operation

5) DPII vessel dynamic positioning device

6) main thruster CPP.

7)bow and stern thruster can be adjust.

8)water and oil supplying device

9)bulk cement powder automatic loading and unloading systerm,bridge operation

10) mud load and unloading automatic cleaning system, bridge operation

11)specific function: shaft with the American bussle electrical technology PTR.

12)1500KN bollard towing tension

13)navigation facility, steering control system are imported

14)CCTV monitoring systerm: inside monitoring and 2 bridge top outfitting monitoring of 2ha km

15)valve remote control, liquid level remote-measuring system


       8000kw offshore platform multipurpose vessel main specfication of quality and data


Overall length       77.520M

Waterline length     68.68M

Mould width        18.00M

Mould depth          7.50M

Designed draught        6.2M

Construction draught     5.8M

Gross tonnage          3578T

Net tonnage            1073T

Ice strengthening      B

Navigation speed      16KN     

Crew                40P

China CCS           CCS international sea area

Main engine          M.E  MAN B&W8L32/40×2

Produced by Germany MAN Engine Company.

Clutch: type GCC850×2  Specific speed 5:1 

Produced by Hangzhou Gearbox Industry of China

Thruster: CPP Type 960×2  with air chamber tube assy in the back  produced by Hangzhou Qianjing masen Co .,Ltd of China,
all the hydraulic unit and sealing element imported from France.

Bow thruster: type MTT165-CP×2  680KW  produced by Shanghai Hanlishi Marine Machinery of China(French tenique), the hard-corea, gear and others imported from France.

Stern thruster: type MTT165-CP×1  680KW  produced by Shanghai Hanlishi Marine Machinery of China(French tenique), the hard-corea, gear and others imported from France.

Diesel generating group: CCFJZ800-W3  Revolving speed 1000  maximum power 800KW

Produced by Ningbo Zhongce Motive Electomechanical Company of China (foreign technique)

Diesel engine: power 882KW×2, voltage rating 400V, rated current 1443A,pressure regulating automatic brushless protection class IP23

The latest PTR function;

when the 2 host any one stop to check the room another power to stop a hair becomes 1200KW motor drive CPP rotating power. for he flow.

When there is no speed requirements of nursing 2 platform can make the 2 host rest.2 hosts the electricity to 2 change into 1200KW CPP rotating motor drives.


Shaft generator: type 1FC6 568-4SA42-V, 1600KW×2, rated current 2890A, voltage 400/230V. voltage 400V, insulation class H, 50HZ, rotation speed 1500, produced by Liuzhou jiali new electrical machine Co., Ltd (Siemens). Specific function : Basler electric technique PTR can change the shaft generator to 120KW electromotor to drive the vessel.

Emergency generator: type CCFJ-200Y 200KW, rated voltage 400V , rated current 361A. produced by Chongqing Kangmingsi Generator Company of China( joint capital of China and US)

Main switchboard 18 screen, front control table, back control table, centralized control table

Navigation equipment: radar S waveband FAR-2137S, radar X waveband: FAR-2117, satellite navigator: DGPS-GP-150-019S electron seachart:ESC, echo sounder:FE-700, log:DS-80, ship automatic identification system: FA-150,wind anemometer:ST-60,weather fax: FAX-408, MF/HF radio installation:PS-1570/IB-583, satellite communication C station: FELCOM-15/SSAS, VHF wireless telephone/DSC:FM-8800S,VHF wireless telephone:IC-M304,EPIRB: E5, radar transponder:S4,walkie talkie:R1, navigation alarm receiver: NX-700A, satellite communication F station:F33(JUE-33), ship navigation data recorder: HMT-100 (most of the devices are produced by Japanese Guye)

Ship dynamic positioning device: MT (Singapore Norway production)


2500kn towing winch double roller both side anchor chain wheel,5000KN shark jaw and pin, wheel house operate.

External fire pump flow 1630 M3×2 set, head 120M,Made by Weili ACP German.Wheel house operate. External fire monitor flow 1200 M3×2 set, pressure 14KG,range calm wind 110m,wheel house operate.

External foam nozzle flow 300 m3,range 80m, bridge operation.

Ship self-protect water screen

3T 、15M hydraulic contraction all rotary life hangs  1set

Salvation device: one glass reinforced plastic boat length 4.5 m, breadth 1.86 m,depth 0.85m, speed 21KN, access with landing device: 3T(2.5m-10m)


294m3 cement tank 58.8m3 5, transport speed 75t/h, automatic loading and unloading system. bridge operation.

Cement paste tank capacity proportion 2.4t/m3,about 480 m3 loading and unloading system . bridge operation.

Rudder equipment: steering gear:electrical hydraulic swing-cylinder steering gear(made in Singapore)2,torque 16TM, rudder angle 245 degree

Wing flag rudder: HLFR-FC-710 2 with rudder support suspension type.


Towing system: 500MT shark jaw and towing pin: support power 5000 KN (made in Singapore)

2500 KN hydraulic towing winch: support loading 3500KN,flow 1000 L/MIN (made in Singapore)

Stern roller: Φ2400mm×5000m

Windlass: YM-46 hydraulic combined windlass Engine side wheel control

Deck master daily winch   10t2

Stern master daily winch   5t2

Anchor: offdrill anchor AC-14, 2500kg 3, 2 use 1standby, anchor chain: 46 portside 14 joint, starboard side13 joint



Central air-condition : BYMPC-240 Marine air conditioning unit

Stand box type air-condition: BYMPC-15A Marine stand box type (use for central control station)/BYFPAC-23 wind cooling stand box type air conditioning (use for wheel house)

Refrigerator: BYMPR-5 marine combined refrigerator device.


Drink water cleaning device for crew use.

Sewage treatment system: MBR-40 40P designed by shanghai 704 laboratory.

Oily-water treatment device: CYZ total power 3kw, handling ability 1m3/h,designed by shanghai 704 laboratory.

Incinerator: CYF-18 208KW , hear temperature 180℃

Hot water boiler: LRS 350-0.5 fuel oil heat 350kw/ electrical heat 45kw

Liquid level remote measure system,valve remote control system:made by CMR Singapore.

There are 10 single room,15 double room,crew dining room,senior dining room,amusement room,hospital,galley,pantry,refrigerator room, changing room,laundry, meeting room.

Drink water tank capacity 100%                   about 714 m3

Fuel oil tank capacity 100% (including supply oil )    about 1485 m3

Ballast tank capacity 100%                       about 1318 m3

Main deck loading pressure                         10T/ m2

Deck net surface                                 640 m2

Slide oil store tank                               31m3

Dry bull cargo hold ( five )                         294m3

bilge water store room                             8.64 m3

bilge tank                                       21.69m3

Foam concentrate tank                             9.5m3

Dirt slide oil tank                                 22.77m3

Dirt diesel oil tank                                19.16m3

Oil residue tank                                  9.57m3

Endurance                                      12000 sea mail

Endurance (as for service speed)                    about. 40 days


All Details Given In Good Faith But Without Guarantee.
B rgds

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Gideon Edoja
22.08.2012 14:27:29

Sir, We want a 2 yrs firm time /BB charter with option for lease purchase on this vessel. Kindly send us your commercial offer asap. rgds Gideon


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