Subject: Price lowered -one used Solar Titan 130 ( 50HZ) package for sale

Date: 7/23/2021 10:30:48 PM

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Equipment: Gas Turbine Package Solar Titan 130, 

11 MW 1.1 Turbine engine: 

Manufacturer: Solar Turbines Inc, San Diego USA 

Model: Titan 130 / TBM-T130 

Type / Model: T19501S 

Packager: Turbomach 

Yoc package: 2005 

Operating hours: about 15.500 (whole plant), 150 starts Was operated until 2007, after that standby 

Condition: fully serviced by Turbomach and ready for start. 

Capacity: 11.840 kW 

Speed: 11.215 RPM continual 

Fuel: Natural Gas with input pressure of 28 bar 

1.2. Reduction Gearbox 

Type: Allen Gears / S Epicyclic Reduction Gearbox 

Output rpm: 1500 

Year Manufactured: 2005

 1.3. Generator 

Manufacturer: Leroy Somer 

Type / Model: LSA 58 BMCL 14-4P. 

Frequency: 50 Hz 

Voltage: 5.25 kV 

Power: 14.800 kVA, PF = 0.8

 Speed: 1500

 Year manufactured: 2005 

 2. Fire protection system

 3. Control systems turbine Turbomach TTS3 

4. Auxiliaries 

Lubrication System 

Fuel System Solar 

Start System electro-hydraulic 110 kW 

Air inlet system, 1 stage air filter system

Exhaust system complete with silencer

PRICE IS USD1.1 million as is where is 


Please advise your interest


Best regards

Woonha Jee



INSOL Corporation


101-802 , Bundangro 190 

Seongnam city, Kyonggido

13581, Korea 

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Contact Name:Woonha Jee
Company Name:INSOL Corporation
Mobile Phone:82 10 38999768
Fax: 82-31-7178018
Country:Korea, (South) Rep. of

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