RORO open Blacksea , looking for tc/tct/voy

Subject: RORO open Blacksea , looking for tc/tct/voy

Date: 1/31/2023 10:47:05 PM

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open spot Bsea

looking for TC/TCT/VOY

blt 1988, Panama flg
L/B/D 191/26/6.6 m
DWT 7811, GRT/NRT 24084/7225

main deck 780 lm, 3650 sqm
weather deck 920 lm, 3640 sqm (access via internal ramp)
stern ramp, gearless

full dets here

as brokers only

Alexey Chirko

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What is RO-PAX ?

RO-PAX is an abbreviation that stands for "Roll-on/Roll-off Passenger Ferry." It refers to a type of passenger ferry that is designed to carry both passengers and vehicles. The vehicles drive on and off the ferry using ramps, hence the term "Roll-on/Roll-off." These types of ferries are commonly used for inter-island or coastal transportation, as well as for transporting passengers and vehicles between mainland and island destinations.

RO-PAX ferries typically have large vehicle decks, as well as passenger lounges, cabins, and other facilities for the comfort and convenience of passengers. They are usually built to be highly maneuverable and efficient, with a focus on safety and stability. These vessels are an important part of the transportation infrastructure in many coastal communities and island nations.


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