Tween - 5300 DWCC - Open Greece 1/2 April

Subject: Tween - 5300 DWCC - Open Greece 1/2 April

Date: 3/28/2023 10:37:23 AM

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Good day,
Please propose suitable cargo for:

OPEN GREECE : 1/2 April

MV NINA M - General Cargo 
TWEEN (triple decker)
DWCC: 5300
Flag: Lebanon
Class: PHRS-Phoenix register
Built: 1989-The Netherlands
IMO: 8810786
LOA: 107.65m / LBP: 16.2m / Draft: 7.82m
Bale: 303,639 cbft // 8,598 m3
Area: 3,086 m2
3 Holds / 4 Hatches
Electric ventilation: 20 Air changes per hour
IMO cargo fitted, CO2 Fitted
Timber Fitted
4 cranes x 5 mt x 19 meters

kind regards

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What is Tween - 5300 DWCC - Open Greece 1/2 April-Open Ships ?

"TWEEN" in the context of a cargo ship refers to a type of vessel that has three decks for carrying cargo, with the tween deck being the middle deck between the upper deck and the lower hold. This type of vessel is also known as a "tweendecker."

The "DWCC" of 5300 stands for "Deadweight Cargo Carrying Capacity," which is the maximum weight of cargo, fuel, stores, and other items that a ship can carry while still being afloat in the water at a specified draft.

"Open Greece 1/2 April-Open Ships" refers to a shipping event or conference in Greece, likely taking place on the 1st and 2nd of April. The MV NINA M, a general cargo ship, may be one of the ships that will be open for inspection or charter during this event.

The other details provided about the MV NINA M include its flag (Lebanon), class (PHRS-Phoenix register), year of construction (1989) and country of construction (The Netherlands), its IMO number (8810786), its length overall (LOA) of 107.65 meters, length between perpendiculars (LBP) of 16.2 meters, draft of 7.82 meters, bale capacity of 303,639 cubic feet or 8,598 cubic meters, area of 3,086 square meters, 3 holds and 4 hatches, electric ventilation with 20 air changes per hour, cargo fitted for IMO regulations and CO2 fitted, and timber fitted. The ship is also equipped with 4 cranes each with a lifting capacity of 5 metric tons and outreach of 19 meters.



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