Tween - 5900 DWT - Spot Tripoli/Lebanon

Subject: Tween - 5900 DWT - Spot Tripoli/Lebanon

Date: 1/27/2023 12:17:51 AM

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Good day,
Please propose suitable cargo for:

OPEN GREECE : 2/3 FEB 2023

General Cargo
DWT: 5889T
Two tweendeck (triple decks)
Flag: Lebanon
Class: PHRS-Phoenix register
Built: 1989-The Netherlands
IMO: 8810786
LOA: 107.65m
LBP: 16.2m
Draft: 7.82m
Capacity bale: 303,639 cbft // 8,598 m3
Area m2: 3,086 sqmtr
3 Holds / 4 Hatches
Electric ventilation: 20 Air changes per hour
CO2 Fitted
Timber Fitted
4 cargo cranes x 5 mt x 19 meters

kind regards
Farouk el murr

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What is Tween - 5900 DWT - Spot Tripoli/Lebanon ?

Tween deck vessel is a type of cargo ship that has two decks between the main deck and the hold. The Tween-5900 DWT refers to the vessel's deadweight tonnage, which is a measure of the maximum weight of cargo, fuel, provisions, and crew that the ship can carry. A Tween-5900 DWT vessel is a medium-sized cargo ship that is capable of carrying a moderate amount of cargo.

Spot Tripoli/Lebanon refers to the location where the vessel is currently or expected to be. It means the ship is in or will be in the port of Tripoli, Lebanon. It is possible that the vessel is engaged in transporting cargo between these two ports.

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