Subject: Unused 370MW GE 9HA Gas Turbine Generator Package for SALE .........

Date: 6/27/2022 11:55:54 AM

Details: Reviews 3


Unused 370MW GE 9HA, 50Hz complete Gas Turbine Generator Package available for SALE .

For more information, kindly contact at

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Contact Name:Hamid Mukhtar
Company Name:HM Enterprises
Mobile Phone:00923006123973

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Arsalan Mohammadi
7/27/2022 6:57:46 PM Germany


Please send me complete specification , price and payment condition.

Is it possible to visit?


Thank you

Michel Dubois
7/26/2022 1:35:57 AM Belgium

Hi, can you please provide us the complete and detailed information, please. Thank you ! Michel

Marc Vogel
7/14/2022 1:59:33 AM United States

I have 4 Solar  50/60 T-130 and one T-60 Gas Compressor unit for sale.   The t-130s are with 450 hrs 2011 yom     Also, is this the 373 M/W unit in Argentina, you are trying to sell?    I have some LM 6000 available.  also. 


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