Subject: Unused Siemens Power Block

Date: 7/25/2023 8:56:53 PM

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Unused - Siemens Energy Power Block, Type SGT-800 6x1 Combined-Cycle Power Plant designed for 420MW. 60Hz. Currently stored in Siemens bonded warehouses in Sweden, Germany, Vietnam, and China. The power generation package was designed for operation in a warm humid climate. The package is a 6 x 1 combined cycle power plant with a nominal capacity of 438 MW. Below is a high-level equipment list: 6 x Siemens SGT-800-56 Single lift drive units with separate generator units, 6 x Bypass Stacks, 6 x Heat Recovery Steam Generators, 1 x Siemens SST-600 Steam Turbine. In addition, Siemens SGT-800 Single Lift Drive package is a skid mounted drive package with separate 3-point lift generator unit that rests on a separate foundation. All six SGT-800 units have bypass stacks allowing for maximum operational flexibility. Each SGT-800 unit operated in open cycle mode has a nominal capacity of 56 MW under STP conditions and approximately 50 MW at 30 C and 75% humidity. The combined cycle plant has a nominal (STP) efficiency of over 51% (6,650 Btu/kW HHV heat rate) and the SGT-800 units in simple cycle mode have a heat rate of 8,650 Btu/kW.

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Bev Smith
11/2/2023 7:28:34 PM South Africa

I am interested in the unused combined cycle SGT 800 power plant 


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