Subject: Wanted: Pressure Switch 600 pcs

Date: 4/14/2023 1:49:28 PM

Details: Reviews 0

Please advise if you have 41B510557P14 Pressure switch. We would like to order ~ 600 pieces.

If you have it pls provide the quote and lead time. We are ready to buy them asap.


Magzhan Baigali




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What is Pressure Switch ?

A pressure switch is an electromechanical device that monitors pressure levels in a system and responds by activating or deactivating an electrical circuit when the pressure reaches a predetermined set point. Pressure switches are commonly used in various industries and applications, such as HVAC systems, industrial processes, and automotive systems, to control, monitor, and protect equipment from potential damage due to abnormal pressure conditions.

The main components of a pressure switch include a pressure sensor (such as a diaphragm, piston, or bellows), a spring mechanism, and an electrical switch (typically a microswitch).

Here's how a pressure switch works:

  1. The pressure sensor detects the pressure level in the system it is monitoring. This can be a fluid or gas system, such as a hydraulic or pneumatic circuit, or even an air compressor.
  2. As the pressure changes, the pressure sensor's diaphragm, piston, or bellows moves in response to the pressure variation.
  3. A spring mechanism is connected to the pressure sensor and calibrated to provide the desired set point for the pressure switch. When the pressure reaches the set point, the spring mechanism actuates the electrical switch.
  4. The electrical switch either opens or closes an electrical circuit, depending on the design of the pressure switch. This action can activate a pump, valve, alarm, or any other electrical device connected to the circuit.
  5. If the pressure returns to normal levels, the pressure switch resets itself and returns the electrical circuit to its previous state.

Pressure switches can be either adjustable or fixed, depending on the application. Adjustable pressure switches allow users to set the desired pressure set point, while fixed pressure switches come pre-set from the factory. The choice between adjustable and fixed pressure switches depends on the specific requirements of the system being monitored.

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