Subject: Wanted Spare Parts for Wartsila 9L20LN

Date: 3/9/2023 5:43:11 PM

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Hello Team,

Hope you are safe and healthy.

Please check our requirement below:





Manufacturer: Wartsila


Qty. 30 EA.

Attached datasheet for your reference.



Please share your best discounted reseller prices. Also kindly include the following with your quote:

Exact pickup location of the goods.

Current lead time.

Quote validity: kindly provide us at least 60 days.

HSN/Custom Tariff Code.

Technical Datasheets/Drawings.

Gross Weight & Dimensions of the package.

Warranty/Guarantee period.

Certificate of Conformity.

Payment Terms: Please allow Net30 or Prior to Shipping.


If you need any assistance, please let us know. Looking forward to hear from you.


Kind Regards,


Kane S.

Associate - Procurement

Supply Chain Management


Refteck Solutions USA Inc.

953 N Plum Grove Road, Suite A

Schaumburg, IL 60173


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4/13/2023 12:33:29 PM India

Please contact us for these Wartsila spares and also contact us for more spares for Wartsila like VASA32, L20, W32, VASA46 etc.

Also do contact for more engine and it's spares Like Yanmar, Mitsubishi, Man B&W, Mirrlees Blackstone, Daihatsu, Stork, Caterpillar etc..


3/15/2023 7:41:34 PM Ghana

Dear Sir/Madam,

My name is Yvonne from Nedcon Ghana, an oil and gas company based in Ghana. I would like to make an enquiry regarding the below item.

I look forward to your  response.

471 024

Quantity Required: 30 EA



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What is Wartsila 9L20LN Diesel Engine ?

The Wärtsilä 9L20LN is a medium-speed diesel engine designed and manufactured by the Finnish company Wärtsilä. It is a 9-cylinder engine with a bore of 200 mm and a stroke of 280 mm, and it is designed for marine and power generation applications.

The 9L20LN is a highly efficient engine, capable of operating on a wide range of liquid fuels, including heavy fuel oil (HFO), marine diesel oil (MDO), and marine gas oil (MGO). It is also designed to meet the latest emissions regulations, including IMO Tier II and Tier III standards, and it is equipped with advanced technologies such as electronic fuel injection and an engine control system for improved performance and reliability.

The engine is used in a variety of marine applications, including small and medium-sized cargo ships, offshore support vessels, tugboats, and fishing vessels. It is also used in power generation applications, providing reliable and efficient electricity to remote areas and islands where grid power is not available.

Overall, the Wärtsilä 9L20LN diesel engine is a versatile and efficient power plant solution that offers high performance, low emissions, and reliable operation for a wide range of marine and power generation applications.


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Where can we find Wartsila 9L20LN Spare Parts ?

Wärtsilä is the manufacturer of the Wärtsilä 9L20LN diesel engine and its spare parts. They have a global network of service centers, distributors, and partners that provide sales, service, and spare parts support for their products.

You can find Wärtsilä 9L20LN spare parts through their official distribution channels, which include authorized dealers and service providers. These channels can provide genuine OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) parts that are designed and manufactured to the exact specifications of the engine.

You can also find Wärtsilä 9L20LN spare parts through online marketplaces that specialize in marine and industrial spare parts. However, it is important to ensure that the supplier is reputable and provides genuine parts, as using counterfeit or substandard parts can compromise the performance and reliability of the engine.

When sourcing spare parts for the Wärtsilä 9L20LN diesel engine, it is important to provide accurate information about the engine model and serial number, as this will ensure that the correct parts are supplied. Additionally, it is recommended to follow the manufacturer's maintenance and service recommendations to ensure the longevity and reliability of the engine.


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