Subject: Wanted: Wartsila W20V34SG Gas Engine spare Parts

Date: 2/16/2023 1:16:05 AM

Details: Reviews 0

Module required for Wartsila W20V34SG Engine

CCM-20   - 29 nos

MCM-11    - 2 nos

WCD-10    - 6 nos

LDU-20     -  1 no

PDM-20/24V -  3 nos


Delivery Location is at  Yangon, Myanmar

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What is Wartsila W20V34SG Engine ?

The Wartsila W20V34SG is a gas-powered engine that is designed for use in power generation applications. It is a four-stroke, 20-cylinder engine that is capable of generating up to 8,880 kW of electrical power at 750 rpm.

The engine features a lean-burn combustion system, which helps to reduce emissions and improve fuel efficiency. It also has a high-pressure gas injection system, which ensures that the gas is injected into the engine at the right pressure and at the right time to maximize performance.

The W20V34SG engine is also designed to be highly reliable and easy to maintain. It has a modular design that allows for quick and easy access to the major components, making it easier to perform routine maintenance and repairs.

Overall, the Wartsila W20V34SG engine is a high-performance, gas-powered engine that is well-suited for power generation applications. Its efficient design and reliable operation make it a popular choice for power plants and other industrial facilities.


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