Subject: Cylinder Head AKASAKA 6UET45/75 380HP

Date: 4/10/2023 4:31:18 PM

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Dear Marketing Dept,


Wanted: Cylinder Head for AKASAKA  6UET45/75 380HP     1pc

Pt. Lautan Lepas Nusantara    
JL. Lautze Raya No.63     
kel. Karang Anyar Kec. Sawah Besar, Jakarta Pusat
Indonesia 10710      
Best Regards      
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What is AKASAKA 6UET45/75 Diesel Engine ?

The Akasaka 6UET45/75 is a medium-speed, 6-cylinder marine diesel engine manufactured by Akasaka Diesels Limited, a Japanese company that specializes in designing and producing marine propulsion systems and auxiliary engines. This engine model is designed for use in a variety of marine applications, including commercial vessels, such as cargo ships and fishing boats, as well as passenger ships and ferries.

Some key features and specifications of the Akasaka 6UET45/75 diesel engine include:

  1. Configuration: The engine has an in-line, 6-cylinder arrangement, providing efficient and reliable power generation for marine applications.
  2. Bore and stroke: The 6UET45/75 has a bore of 450 mm (45 cm) and a stroke of 750 mm (75 cm), which indicates the size of the engine's cylinders and their movement.
  3. Power output: The power output of the 6UET45/75 engine can vary depending on its configuration and specific application. It is essential to consult the manufacturer or product documentation for accurate power output ratings.
  4. Fuel efficiency: The Akasaka 6UET45/75 is designed for fuel efficiency, reducing operational costs and environmental impact.
  5. Reliability and durability: Akasaka engines are known for their reliability and durability, even in harsh marine conditions, ensuring a long service life and minimal downtime.

The Akasaka 6UET45/75 diesel engine is well-suited for various marine applications, providing a reliable and efficient power source for vessel propulsion and auxiliary systems. However, it is essential to consult the manufacturer or product documentation for specific information regarding the engine's performance, maintenance, and compatibility with your particular application.

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