Subject: For Sale: Turbocharger MET42 SD

Date: 3/27/2023 9:16:44 AM

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Hello Sir/Madam,

We have the following turbocharger in stock: 


Mitsubishi MET42 SD

Spec: EV3G40DS7J

Condition: Good


Kindly contact us if interested.

Thanks and Regards


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What is Mitsubishi MET42 SD Turbocharger ?

The Mitsubishi MET42 SD Turbocharger is a type of turbocharger manufactured by Mitsubishi Heavy Industries (MHI). It is designed for use in marine diesel engines and is commonly used in large commercial vessels such as cargo ships, tankers, and passenger ships.

The MET42 SD Turbocharger is a single-stage, axial flow turbocharger that operates on the principle of exhaust gas energy recovery. It consists of a turbine wheel and a compressor wheel, both mounted on the same shaft. The exhaust gases from the engine drive the turbine wheel, which in turn drives the compressor wheel to compress the incoming air, providing increased air flow and pressure to the engine's cylinders.

The MET42 SD Turbocharger is designed to deliver high efficiency and reliability, while also being compact and easy to maintain. It is capable of operating at high speeds and can provide up to 5.7 bar of boost pressure. The turbocharger is also designed to meet international standards for emissions and noise levels.

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