Subject: RTM1511 High-precision Resistance Thermometer

Date: 4/29/2023 3:19:47 PM

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RTM1511 High-precision Resistance Thermometer


RTM1511 is a high-precision RTD thermometer that uses PT1000 platinum thermal resistance as a sensor to measure temperature signals. Large LCD screen display, 0.01 Resolution, refresh once per second, accuracy up to ±0.1°C. With data memory and view functions. Widely used in industrial production, research and development experiments, quality control, refrigerated storage, automobile manufacturing and other occasions.


Large LCD with display.

High-precision PT1000 platinum thermal resistance is used for temperature measurement.

Temperature unit (°C/°F).

0.01 resolution.

Accuracy up to ±0.1°C.

With data memory and view functions (99 Groups).

With the displayed values hold function.

Maximum and minimum values display.

Battery indication function.

Automatically power off function.


Display: LCD

Sensor: PT1000 (Four Lines)

Range: -200~500°C (-328~932°F)

           (Depend on Probe)

Accuracy: ±0.1°C

Resolution: 0.01

Sampling Channel: 1 Channel

Unit: °C/°F

Data Memorized: 99 Groups (Can be Customized)

Operating Conditions: Temperature: 0~50°C; Humidity: 0~80%RH (No Condensation)

Storage Conditions: Temperature: -10~60°C;Humidity: 0~90%RH (No Condensation)

Power Supply: 4×1.5V AAA(UM-4)Battery

Size: 1708031mm

Weight: 176g (Not Including Batteries)

4.Standard Accessories:

Main Unit

PT-01A Probe (Range: -50~200? (-58~392?))


Carrying Case

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