Subject: Screw Air compressor of Atlas copco model. GA37VSD+ IN EXCELLENT CONDITION

Date: 5/19/2023 2:24:53 PM

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Screw Air compressor of Atlas copco model GA37VSD+

50 HP

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What is Screw Air compressor of Atlas copco model GA37VSD ?

The Atlas Copco GA37VSD is a specific model of screw air compressor manufactured by Atlas Copco, a renowned global provider of industrial compressed air systems and solutions. The GA37VSD is designed to deliver reliable and energy-efficient compressed air for various industrial applications.

Here are some key details about the Atlas Copco GA37VSD screw air compressor:

  1. Power and Capacity: The GA37VSD is rated with a motor power of 37 kilowatts (kW). The exact capacity or flow rate of the compressor can vary depending on operating conditions, but it typically ranges from around 5 to 10 cubic meters per minute (m³/min) or 177 to 353 cubic feet per minute (cfm).

  2. Variable Speed Drive (VSD): The "VSD" in the model name stands for Variable Speed Drive. This feature allows the compressor to adjust its motor speed and output to match the compressed air demand. By varying the motor speed, the compressor can optimize energy efficiency and reduce energy consumption compared to fixed-speed compressors.

  3. Screw Compression Technology: The GA37VSD utilizes a screw compression mechanism, where two rotating screws compress the incoming air. This design ensures efficient and continuous operation, providing a reliable source of compressed air.

  4. Control System: The compressor is equipped with an advanced control system, such as the Elektronikon or the newer Elektronikon Touch, which monitors and controls the compressor's performance, including pressure, temperature, and maintenance schedules. The control system also enables connectivity for remote monitoring and diagnostics.

  5. Air Treatment Options: Depending on the specific configuration and application requirements, the GA37VSD can be equipped with additional components for air treatment, such as integrated dryers or filters, to provide clean and dry compressed air.

The Atlas Copco GA37VSD screw air compressor is known for its energy efficiency, reliability, and ease of maintenance. It is commonly used in various industries, including manufacturing, automotive, pharmaceuticals, and more, where a consistent and high-quality supply of compressed air is essential. For detailed technical specifications and specific configuration options, it is recommended to consult the product documentation provided by Atlas Copco or contact their authorized distributors or representatives.


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