Subject: Wanted: Spare Parts for Wartsila 18V26A Diesel Engine

Date: 4/14/2023 11:57:14 AM

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Dear Sirs,


Please offer for : Wartsila 18V26A Diesel Engine


Line Article Description Qty Type   Inquiry Ref
1   Complete set Stromag coupling 7000R 1 18V26A   V 1834
2   Dowel pin 1140-004 3 18V26A   V 1834
3   Screw 1140-006 32 18V26A   V 1834
4   Flywheel 1140-001 1 18V26A   V 1834
5   Toothed ring 1140-002 1 18V26A   V 1834
6   Screw 1140-003 12 18V26A   V 1834



Met vriendelijke groet / Mit freundlichem Gruss / Best regards,

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Albert Denkers

Managing Director

Daalderweg 6

4879 AX Etten-Leur

The Netherlands


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What is Wartsila 18V26A Diesel Engine ?

The Wärtsilä 18V26A is a type of diesel engine manufactured by Wärtsilä, a Finnish company specializing in the production of marine and energy solutions. The 18V26A is part of the Wärtsilä 26 series, which is known for its reliability, efficiency, and flexibility. The engine is designed for various applications, including marine propulsion systems, power generation, and auxiliary systems.

The "18V" in the engine's name denotes that it has 18 cylinders arranged in a V-configuration, while "26" refers to the engine series, and "A" indicates it is the first version of this particular engine type.

Key features of the Wärtsilä 18V26A diesel engine include:

  1. Compact design: The engine's modular construction allows for a compact and efficient layout, which makes it easy to install and maintain.
  2. Fuel flexibility: It can operate on a variety of fuels, including heavy fuel oil (HFO), light fuel oil (LFO), and marine diesel oil (MDO).
  3. High efficiency: The 18V26A is designed for high thermal efficiency, resulting in lower fuel consumption and reduced emissions.
  4. Reliability: The engine's robust construction and advanced engineering contribute to its long service life and reduced maintenance requirements.
  5. Low emissions: The Wärtsilä 18V26A meets or exceeds international emission standards, making it an environmentally friendly choice.

Overall, the Wärtsilä 18V26A diesel engine is a versatile, efficient, and reliable solution for various marine and energy applications.

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