Subject: 400' Deck Barge For Resale

Date: 24.10.2016 11:18:26

Details: Reviews 1

Dear SNP/Wei,


Good day.

Please check your interest to the following deck barge from direct shipowner, thanks!


NB BV/400ft/15T ballastable barge for sale

L122m x B36.6m x D7.6m

Deadweight: abt. 20162 mt

Deck load: 15t


No side wall

Non self-propelled


Pump: Behrens(2 x 1000 cbm/h), Generator: SCANIA(Imported), anchor winch:

Chinese maker

Painting: Jotun

BV Class

PPT delivery and Inspectable



Best Regards/ Wei Sun

S&P and Newbuilding

Lorentzen & Stemoco AS


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Daniel Cedeño
2/8/2023 11:26:51 PM Venezuela

Please send me price and images of the barge , I have a verte interesting customer..


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What is What is NB BV/400ft/15T Ballastable Barge ?

The NB BV/400ft/15T Ballastable Barge is a type of floating vessel designed for use in the maritime industry. "NB" refers to the classification society, Bureau Veritas (BV), which is responsible for ensuring the safety and compliance of the vessel. "400ft" refers to the length of the vessel, and "15T" refers to the maximum weight that can be carried by the barge in its ballasted state.

A ballastable barge is a type of barge that can be adjusted in weight by adding or removing ballast water. This allows the barge to change its draft (depth in the water), making it suitable for use in various water depths and conditions. The NB BV/400ft/15T ballastable barge is designed to be highly maneuverable and stable, making it suitable for a variety of tasks such as transporting cargo or supporting construction projects.

Overall, the NB BV/400ft/15T ballastable barge is a versatile and reliable vessel that is widely used in the maritime industry for a variety of purposes. Its ability to change draft makes it a flexible and useful tool for a variety of applications.

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