Subject: 400' Deck Barge For Resale

Date: 24.10.2016 11:18:26

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Dear SNP/Wei,


Good day.

Please check your interest to the following deck barge from direct shipowner, thanks!


NB BV/400ft/15T ballastable barge for sale

L122m x B36.6m x D7.6m

Deadweight: abt. 20162 mt

Deck load: 15t


No side wall

Non self-propelled


Pump: Behrens(2 x 1000 cbm/h), Generator: SCANIA(Imported), anchor winch:

Chinese maker

Painting: Jotun

BV Class

PPT delivery and Inspectable



Best Regards/ Wei Sun

S&P and Newbuilding

Lorentzen & Stemoco AS


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Contact Name:Wei Sun
Company Name:Lorentzen & Stemoco AS
Mobile Phone:+86 151 2105 3291

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