Subject: For Sale: Air Starter for Sulzer S20 Engine

Date: 1/23/2023 10:58:00 AM

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Air Starter for Sulzer S20 Engine

Make : TDI TurboTwin

Condition : Reconditioned

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We Believe In Selling Good Quality Machinery.


Gujarat, INDIA.

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What is Air Starter ?

An air starter is a type of starter motor that uses compressed air to turn over the engine of a vehicle or piece of machinery. It is an alternative to traditional electric starter motors, which use electricity to turn the engine. Air starters are typically used in industrial and heavy-duty applications where a high torque is needed to start the engine, such as in large diesel engines and gas turbines.

Air starters consist of a motor that is powered by compressed air, a gear reduction unit to increase torque, and a clutch assembly to engage and disengage the starter from the engine. They are connected to the engine through a flywheel and can be controlled by a control panel or a remote control.

Air starters have a number of advantages over electric starters, including higher torque output, faster cranking speeds, and a longer service life. They are also less prone to damage from vibration and heat, and can operate in extreme temperatures and environments.

Additionally, air starters are preferred in some situations over electric starters because they are not affected by the voltage drop or power loss, they are more reliable, safer and less likely to cause electrical fires.

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