Subject: For Sale: MT Torea (40K/2004/ShinA)

Date: 01.11.2016 11:56:17

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Re : MT Torea (40K/2004/ShinA)


From direct local owners we can develop MT Torea (40k/2004/ShinA) for sale.


Vessel is inspectable Singapore prompt onwards over the next few days. 4 Cargo tanks and 4 Ballast tankers will also be inspectable.


TOREA ex Nyathi


ABT 37,069 DWT ON 10.5M Draft

BLT: 6/2004 ShinA Shipbuilding Co Ltd, KRS

Class: NV AB - SS 06/04

Loa: 175.96M / Beam: 31.032M

14 Tanks / ABT 42,845 CBM / 4 Grades

Coated (Cargo Tank: Epoxy. Slop Tank: Epoxy.)

IGS/COW/IMO 3/Double Hull/Double Bottom/Double Side

M/E Type: 1 x B&W 6S50MC 11,665 BHP @ 127 RPM


ABT 8,947 LDT




Owners invite best offers bss outright sale.


Holding full details + can guide on price.


Pleased to hear.


Best regards,

Sahik Sayed

Sale and Purchase

Maersk Broker Singapore


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Contact Name:Sahik Sayed
Company Name:Maersk Broker Singapore
Mobile Phone:+65 9154 0994

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Kazi Mohammad Zahidur Rahman
20.1.2017 16:53:25 Bangladesh

Dear Sir,

Greetings from Z&Z Trade Corporation.

Pls send us official offer of above mentioned ship including questionnaiare ,price present location and delivery basis and some pictures of the vessel

We shall appreciate your all kinds of cooperation in this connection.


Best Regards.

Kazi Mohammad Zahidur Rahman

Z&Z Trade Corporation

9/G, Firozshah R/A, New Monsurabad Road,

Colonelhat, Chittagong, Bangladesh.

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