Subject: Never used 9000kw(60HZ) STX MAN HFO/Diesel gensets for sale

Date: 21.5.2018 08:10:32

Details: Reviews 6

Dear Sirs

We have following gensets for sale 

Engine model STX-MAN 18V32/40

Installed capacity 9000kw

Quantity 22 units

Unit capacity 9,000kw x 720RPM x 13.8KV x 60HZ

Fuel  HFO /Diesel

Manufacturing year 2010-2011

Test & Commissioning May 2011-Sept 2011

Commercial operation : zero hours 

Continuous operation :Zero hours

Stand-by operation :Zero hours 

Individual sales is possible 

 Technical data

​          - Cylinder bore                                   :  320 mm

​          - Piston stroke                                    :  400 mm

​          - Engine Speed                                  :  720 RPM

​          - Mean effective pressure                  :  25.90 Bar

​          - Power per cylinder                          :  504.4 KWm/cyl

​          - Power of the engine                         :  9,080 KWm

​          - Power of the genset                         :  8,826 KWe

​          - Power factor cos phi(lagging)          :  0.85

​          - Voltage                                             :  13.8 Kv

    Dimension and weight of the 18V32/40 genset

        - Height(H)                                            : 5,240 mm

        - Length(C)                                           : 12,750 mm

        - Width(W)                                            : 3,500 mm

        - Weight(dry)                                        : 139,000 kg



  We are in a position to provide following at additional cost 

   Conversion of HZ to 50HZ

   Test run is possible 

   Supply of BOP is possile

   O&M is possible 


Please advise your interest 


Best regards

Woon H Jee

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Hussein Alali
25.1.2021 19:35:06 Iraq

Dear Sir,

This is hussein from Al-Akhaa company located in Iraq, we work in electrical power station.

we do have interest in your MAN /STX , so please send me quotation.


looking forward for your feedback.

warm regards,


18.2.2020 15:16:56 United Arab Emirates

Hi I am entrusted 10 units please give me best piece 




Woonha Jee
13.12.2019 00:29:44 Korea, (South) Rep. of

We have 10 sets available for sale Our price is USD650000 per set FCA without govenor and control panel Payment by TT only Location Korea Please send me your reply to Best regards Woonha Jee

Bashar Ahmed
12.12.2019 22:32:07 Iraq

Dear Sir


Good Greeting


We need Generators Different capicity worked with FEUEL OIL /Light or heavy oil crude (HFO)
we prefere much of them very new
from 1mega until 40 or 50Mega watt
than please if you have can offer
the new Generators we need them for iraqi Goverment order
than please mention in your offer ob what you send new or used

we need just FUEL OIL 50 HZ

in case more question contact Mr.Abid Whatsapp :00491705839221



Bashar Ahmed
Tabarek international


Jose C Gomez
11.1.2019 08:53:32 Philippines

Dear Mr. Jee,

I should like to inquire about the never used 9000kw(60Hz) STX Man HFO/Diesel Genset. How much is the cost per genset and i should like to know where the gensets are stored.


Mr. Gomez

Jose C. Gomez
3.1.2019 12:48:57 Philippines

We are interested to buy two (2) units of the said diesel generator sets.


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