Subject: Sanwa Iron Works Marine Air Compressor

Date: 1/12/2022 1:19:31 PM

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We have available following Marine Air compressor for sell:


Product Description:

Product-Air Compressor

Maker-SANWA Iron Works

Press-2.45 MPA

Speed-800 Min


Sr No.-8A-1736



Displacement-30.2 m/hr


If Required then Please contact us on +91 97279 70078 via Call ya Whatsapp.

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Contact Name:Mehul Raval
Company Name:Marine Mart
Mobile Phone:+919727970078

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hafiz aiman
6/1/2022 4:44:40 AM Malaysia

  • Hello,i’m hafiz from ZY Manforce Resources. I want to request for manual for Air Compressor for model S5A from Sanwa Iron Work Co.Ltd. Please contact me via email .Here some specification that i has been provide:


Air Compressor 1 set


Maker: Sanwa Iron Work Co. Ltd

Model: S5A

Type : L-Type 2-Stage

Speed: 1150 rpm

Working pressure z2.94Mpa

Displacement: 19.1 m3/h

Capacity: 11.5 m3/h

Power required : 3.5

  • Please contact me by email if the pdf or file has been found.




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