YANMAR 6N165NL-UN AUXILURY ENGINE Available in Stock for Sale (Stradersmarine)

Subject: YANMAR 6N165NL-UN AUXILURY ENGINE Available in Stock for Sale (Stradersmarine)

Date: 1/23/2023 4:16:23 PM

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Dear Sir/Madam,

We have Available YANMAR 6N165NL-UN AUXILURY ENGINE in Stock for Sale. Photos Attached.

Brand: Yanmar
Model No: 6N165NL-UN
Manufacturing Year: 1994
Quantity: 01Pcs
Condition: Used

 If you are interested or looking for any other models please contact us.


Thanks & Regards-

Md. Sarwar 
Sales & Marketing Manager.

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The YANMAR 6N165NL-UN AUXILIARY ENGINE is a diesel engine manufactured by Yanmar, a leading provider of engines and power systems. The 6N165NL-UN is a marine auxiliary engine that is used to provide power for various shipboard systems and equipment, such as generators, pumps, and propulsion systems.

The 6N165NL-UN is a medium-speed diesel engine, which means that it operates at a lower RPM than a high-speed diesel engine. This type of engine is known for its high efficiency and durability. It has a maximum output of 165 horsepower (123 KW) and a maximum torque of 741 Nm (548 lb-ft).

The 6N165NL-UN is built to withstand the harsh conditions of marine environments, such as saltwater corrosion and vibration. It is designed to meet the highest standards of quality and reliability, and it is built to provide a long service life with minimal maintenance requirements.

This engine is suitable for a wide range of applications, including power generation, propulsion, and mechanical drive applications on ships and other vessels. It can also be used in power generation and industrial applications. Yanmar offers a wide range of services and support for this engine, including maintenance, repair and replacement parts.

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